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  • Dummer Selected for Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program (posted: 01-05-2016)

    Attorney Stephen Dummer was recently selected to participate in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses…Read More

  • Dummer Provides 2015 State of the Y Address (posted: 11-17-2015)

    At this year's Regional YMCA Humanitarian Awards Banquet held in honor of John and Mary Alice…Read More

  • National Labor Relations Board in Washington DC affirms trial court's dismissal (posted: 10-22-2015)

    Following a three year ordeal, the National Labor Relations Board in Washington DC recently issued…Read More

  • Dummer Lectures on the Rules of Evidence at CLE Event sponsored by the National Business Institute in Gulfport, Mississippi (posted: 09-28-2015)

     Attorneys Stephen Dummer was a featured speakers at NBI’s “The Rules of Evidence: A Practical…Read More

Who We Are


Sharp, Dummer, & Briggs, PLLC strives to recognize our customers need and provide the highest level of service.  Working with SDB should be a partnership which develops and grows over time, not a business which lectures to its customers.  Our lawyers and staff should work together with you and/or your business to provide you the legal solutions you need and want.  If SDB, its lawyers and staff integrate these principles into the practice of law, job place satisfaction and whole life satisfaction should result further improving the synergistic goals of both SDB and its customers. 


Mission Statement:
The lawyers at SDB Law are dedicated to serving their clients with the highest level of professionalism and commitment.  Each lawyer of Sharp, Dummer, & Briggs, PLLC, brings energy to assist you in resolving your unique situation.  Each member offers unique talents and perspectives that, when combined, create a synergistic opportunity designed to assist you in whatever services you require. Each member of Sharp, Dummer, & Briggs, PLLC, embodies a true love of the law and a servant's heart.
Vision Statement:
To be the preeminent “go to” law firm for all commercial, corporate business, real estate, insurance defense, chancery practice and litigation along the Gulf Coast.  To be the preferred employer for dedicated, aggressive, honorable and creative legal professionals along the Gulf Coast.
Core Values:
Dedication, attention to detail, loyalty and courage in the face of adversity.